Transfer from Boryspil airport

 Boryspil airport is located 23 kilometres from Kyiv. Thus, the first guestion in tourists arriving in our capital is how to get to Kyiv. There are two main ways how you can do it. The first one is to use "Kyiv-Boryspil" express, the second way- use a bus which goes to city railway station. Bellow we consider these ways.

              "Kyiv-Boryspil" express


Express train departs from the platforms at terminal A every hour in the night, dinner and evening (4-6 p.m.) time. In morning and late evening time (7-10 p.m.) trains departs every 30-40 minutes. Access to trains is through the indoor crosswalk from terminal D. The estimate travel time is about 35-45 minutes. The route has one stop at Darnitsa. Its duration is 2 minutes. Ticket price is 80 UAH (3,3 USD). You can buy tickets for "Boryspil-Kyiv" express at ticket offices and terminals located at the entrance to the railway platform. Payment is also possible using PayPass system.   

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Sky Buses from Boryspil airport to Kyiv 

Sky Buses is very popular and useful for tourists  from whole world who starts their trip to Ukraine from Boryspil airport. It runs between this airport and Southern Terminal of Kyiv Central Railway station. 

Sky Buses depart from Boryspil airport regularly, despite any weather conditions and season. It run according to the shedule at any time of the day and night. The intervals between routes of Skybus are about 15 minutes during the day and 30-45 minutes at night. Journey time is 45-55 minutes. 


Buses departs from the terminals B, D and F of Boryspil airport. Near terminal B Sky Bus Stop is located right in front of the terminal, lend-hand if you exit the main entrance of terminal B. Buses have bright original color and big inscriptions "Sky Bus" on its' sides. 


Near the terminal F Sky Bus Stop is located right on the first line right-hand if you exit the main entrance of terminal F. If you don't see a bus it means that one Sky Bus has just left and next is coming soon. Thus, you needn't worry about it. 

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After arriving of Sky Bus to its final stop (Southern Terminal of Kyiv Central Railway Station) you can use a Kyiv public transport and easy reach the city center.

After the reaching the center of Kyiv and check-in hotel you can look our Kiev city walking tours, book it and join us at our meeting place